Sunday, 15 March 2009

Jali , Zomba

Today, we have been privileged to be conducting out training for community Health workers (volunteers and health Surveillance assistants ) at Jali epicenter in Zomba districts. I am with my team as usual ,Frank Mbewe, Ruby Ngongola and Mr Munthali from Zomba Central hospital eye department .The road to Jali used to be very bad but now its all tarred and it takes only about 30 minutes from Zomba towm.
There is so much happening in the field that I wish I had time to write about everything, but this time its not possible. Just imagine yesterday I was stuck in the mud with the car for over two hours until a group of well wishers pulled me out .
We have been to Chingale , Chipini, Mayaka , Ngwelero, Lilkangala and so far we have trained over 120 eye health workers.
Next week we start screening the children the trainees have identified .
I am officially travelling from Blantyre to Zomba (60 km) and returning on a daily basis .
You can see me standing and the partcipants eating while the classroom lecture is going on.

Have you been to Jali? Do you want to know how to get there ? Do you just want to comment?

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