Thursday, 26 March 2009

Great to be back and celebrate my 100th anniversary

Today is a very special day for me , for two reasons : this is my 100th blog since I started 2-3 years ago .So I am celebrating my 100th anniversary and join me in the celebrations by sending me and email with your comments .Secondly, I have just returned from the four hectic days field trip in Zomba .It was a very tiresome assignment as we were busy screening children from the community with eye problems .Everyday we started off at six in the morning and often got back around 8 in the evening .The Zomba district health office was very supportive, they gave as a four by four vehicle for the entire period and also provided eye drugs. Well ,there was no way I could have accessed internet in those 4 days ; but with the company I had ,I didn’t miss being in the net . We went boat riding along Lake Chirwa; as some of the villages that we planned to visit could only be accessed by boat .it was more of a canoe than a boat as it was propelled manually .We also bought fish and ate local food stuffs. Lake Chirwa has several small fish called “matemba” which are considered a delicacy for many Malawian families. I love this type of adventure. I am now back in Blantyre for a few weeks before I embark on the next trip .

As usual the pictures cant attach due to slow speed of internet .you will se them later.

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