Monday, 16 March 2009

Future promising Eye Doctors for Malawi from College of Medicine ,Blantyre

There is need for continuity for what I am trying to do with blind children in Zomba and many others .However taking the fact that I am getting old (see evidence from my grey hair Mbuha in tumbuka) , it is important that young doctors are trained to take up
where we will stop. It is for this reason that I dedicate part of my time to lecturing at college of Medicine, University of Malawi .Today marks an important land mark in the training programme because two of our students have passed their mid training examinations (Part 1) and within the next 24 months they should be graduating as eye specialist. I am very delighted because I now know come what may ,they will be more doctors in my field to carry on the work I have started .This picture is taken at the front of the hospital to commemorate that the students (Drs Petros Kayanga and Drs Tamara Chirambo) have passed with flying colours .The lady at the back roll is dr Dunera Ilako from University of Nairobi ,Kenya and she was here as the external examiner. More interestingly, she was my teacher in Nairobi 10 years ago when I was a resident there. The other colleagues at the back roll were external examiners from United Kingdom.
I can’t wait to see my own students graduate as colleagues.
This is where I teach College of Medicine, Blantyre , Malawi and if you click on it , the website provides more information about origins of our college and what we have achieved so far.
Are you one of the doctors or nurses who have abandoned your country for greener pasture elsewhere? If so know that in a few years time, we will have replaced you.

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