Monday, 25 August 2008

When did Trachoma Survey in Malawi start ?

The external facilitators form the UK and USA arrived in Malawi during the last week of July 2008 ;and we had training of the team from 28th July-1nd August .They were 9 paired teams of clinical officers (18 in total ) and each team had a supervisor. We piloted the research in Blantyre at Chileka Health Centre and near the surrounding villages and proceeded to data collection in Chikwawa on 2nd august (straight after the training & pilot) and stayed in Chikwawa for 8 days .we went everywhere (Chang’ambika,Chithumba,Chapanganga,Dolo,Ngabu,Nchalo,e.t.c ) faced many challenges and proceeded to mchinji on 10th of august for another 8 days of data collection . By the time we got to Mchinji the teams had a lot of experienced so it was practically a bit easier in Mchinji .Want to know what challenges we faced? I will write about them later .I should point out that this was one of the few larger studies in the Eye field that has been done in Malawi while led by a local Malawian as a Principal Investigator and I am proud to have been the one.

With a budget of over USD 50,000; Should the Trachoma survey have been done at all?
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