Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Kachebere Major Seminary in Mchinji

I have come to see this famous place in Malawi where all catholic priests and bishops train ;and while I am here am told I cant take any pictures. But why? Well they do not to expose this institute to the outside world for fear of the unknown. After urging with them for a few minutes and convincing them that I am of no harm; and that my interest is in community eye health I have been allowed to take a few pictures .The institute is allocated on a very hill area and the scenery is beautiful. I am told Kachebere is the name of the river that I just crossed.

I have been touched by the seriousness of this place ;am standing wondering ; and I am wondering whether I should stop saving eye sight and think of joining the school so that I can eventually be serving souls. Have I been called? Well I have spent a the whole of my life in school I am told it will take me another 5 or so years to complete the course as a priest so I will ignore the calling this time; but may be take it later .
Enjoy the scene. And if you happen to visit Mchinji in Malawi make an effort to see this place.

Did you know that my job /Work has taken me to every district and also to many many countries and continents outside Malawi ?

Don’t you think I am lucky ?

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Anonymous said...

Can I send an e-mail to you Dr?
I have lots of questions. My name is Andrew Kalonga. I had lots of friends who attended your seminary in the 80's.
Thank you and God bless


Anonymous said...

This is a nice place. i have been there when I was working on a Save the Children project in Mchinji. I felt a Godly presence when I got into the building, a strange feeling I never understood. The scenery is beutiful. Please visit. D.