Monday, 25 August 2008

Trachoma Prevalence survey in Malawi 2008

I have a lot to write as I have not been blogging so I do not even know where to start explaining about this survey. Anyway I am the Principal Investigator of this Research but I have been supported by expertise form the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine(LSHTM) UK ;International Trachoma Initiative (ITI),New York USA, Department of Statistics ,Chancellor College ,University of Malawi , Zomba ; College of Medicine Research Support centre and Sight Savers International Malawi country office. In particular I would like to thank Dr Tobias Chirwa from Chancellor College who worked to ensure that the questionnaires were user friendly; and Dr Linda Kalilani from Research Support Centre who agreed to manage the data. The two of you have made my life much easier .Earlier this year ( in April ) as I sat in that conference room at World Health Organisation(WHO) in Geneva Switzerland listening to the challenges our friends in Zambia had in doing such a similar study; I was wondering whether I was competent enough to be the Principal Investigator but with the support I got from various people in Malawi my work was made much easier and I am proud that the Research has gone very well. How can I forget the chairman of the National health Research committee in Malawi ;who upon hearing the urgency to do this study ;approved our proposal within 2 weeks of submission.
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