Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Mchinji Malawi

Unless you have been to Mchinji; you will not be able to understand clearly what I am talking about but may be able to enjoy the pictures. The truth is that despite many problems people in the villages express so much happiness; much more than we would imagine!!! they don’t care about what time it is ; whether the Taliban would have bombed another city or which party will win the next elections. Well their focus is mainly on survival mechanisms; what do I eat today; where will I sleep and can I get a meal for tomorrow. They are not as depressed as most of us (worrying about mortgage payment ; car spares or bills to pay) and this is noticed by the smile the kids and the adults express when we visit them. I keep on wondering why are we bothering finding out whether Trachoma is a problem for them because atleast they experession shows that it is not. But I am here with my Research team to examine up to around 10000 children and adults and look for evidence of Trachoma infections .We are spending a whole day in the field walking from house to house and examining people in their homes .Name a place in Mchinji ( Mikundi, Chioshya, Tembwe, Kaigwazanga, Gumba ,Kapiri e.t.c) I have been there .I have been Mkanda , the place where the most popular person in Malawi (David Madona Banda ) comes from and have seen the major constructions taking place at the Orphanage where Madona got her son ; a clear indication that her adopting David Bannda has indeed changed lives of many other orphaned children in the same Ophranage. Quote me wrong ; but I am not a politician ;I am a community Eye Specialist reporting on what I have seen during my field visit.

Next time you want to visit any place in Mchinji ; Email me!

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