Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Fate of a Malawian in Snowing Glasgow, Scotland

I have just been in Glasgow Scotland for a few days now but the weather has been horrible making it impossible for me to have a good time and take nice photos .As a freelance medical journalist I like recording and reporting about where I am in this part of the world. This February 2008 I have moved from India to Scotland on my way to Blantyre Malawi .In Scotland I am visiting the York hill Childrens Hospital in Glasgow and I am staying at Campanile Hotel. The hospital is very nice and staff are very friendly. Tonight I have been invited for dinner. Most of the staff at York hill have also visited our hospital in Blantyre.
I have not had much time to see the town; partly because it’s been extremely cold (temperatures below -4 degrees) and snowing making it impossible to travel; especially for a local Malawian who is used to the warm heart of Malawi weather. I still have a few more days in Glasgow so hopefully I should manage to take nice photos. And I will write more of the experiences then.

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