Friday, 8 February 2008

From India to Malawi via Scotland

I love travelling; and its one thing I never get tired of. Indeed if I was awaken up in the middle of the night and asked what my hobbies are, travelling would still come first. That’s why I love working in the rural communities of Malawi as this gives me endless opportunity to see different places in Malawi. But I also enjoy seeing places outside Malawi (anyway who doesn’t?) and my job seems to offer the best solution for my passion; that’s mixing business with pleasure.
This is why after working so hard in India for the last few days I have decided that on my way to Blantyre, Malawi I have Stop in Scotland, pariculary to visit Glasgow. Scotland in one the four Islands that form the United Kingdom and Scotland has two main cities; Edinburgh and Glasgow. I last visited Edinburgh in December 2004; we were on holiday with my family and we stayed at a bed and breakfast hotel. Unfortunately at that time the weather was so bad (it was winter season and it was snowing heavily) such that we did not get out of our rooms to see the city. We only managed to see the castle and then go to the Cinema.
This time I am on business visiting the York hill children’s Hospital (Spending some time in Eye department) .The hospital in Blantyre, Malawi (where I work) and the York hill Hospital are twins (the birth year of the Link was in 2006) and so it is nature that I have decided to visit our brothers and sister there and pass warm greetings from Malawi. And since the weather is not bad (winter is over and spring is coming) I may actually be seeing interesting places. Keep fingers closed; I should be posting pictures on Glasgow on this blog soon. I am excited and yes I love my Job.

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