Monday, 28 May 2012

Who said BICO wasnt active in serving rural communities in Malawi?

This blog is about the work of Blantyre Institute for community OphthalmologyBICO who have been in the forefront of implementing eye health community programs in rural areas in Malawi.

We have been in each and every corner of Malawi; thanks to your support and we intend to visit more areas if we can be further assisted.

BICO started in 2008 in Blantyre Malawi with a childhood blindness project (which was part of the PhD study) by the then founder Dr KK (actually it’s me); but over the course of years BICO has taken a much broader base; doing programs regarding adults as well. Many thanks for those who believed in the programme when it just started; now we can openly show its fruits. The first Non Malawian person to be convinced that BICO could do something was Lion Marco Terzetti, from Italy: who encouraged us to apply for funding from Lion Clubs.

We believe we can change many lives by improving visual status of many Malawian in the community. We are a very small organisation with no real permanent employees; yet we are able to organise many things.

In 2012 BICO has been joined by main Lions Club who believes BICO’s goals are achievable and these include the Lions Club of Netherlands, Lions Club of Arizona, USA and the   Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF). Actually BICO has previously been funded by LCIF through Lions Club of Limbe when we implemented the Phalombe children’s project in 2010 & 2011.In that Project we were supported by the Lions Club of Perugia, Italy.
I can see that we may eventually become a permanent Lion partner (somehow they like us and we like them).Sedona eye clinic in USA is funding us with lenses.

We still need your financial support to reach more rural areas in Malawi.

Together we can do more.

Do you want to donate anything to BICO?

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randy crewse said...

My name is Randy Crewse from Sedona,AZ,USA. I am a member of the Sedona Oak Creek Canyon Lions Club. We have partnered with Verde Valley School in conjuntion with BICO and Dr Kalua to have an eye clinic in Malawi on June 9, 2012. For our story:Sedona Lions-Verde Valley School Malawi Eye Clinic