Sunday, 27 May 2012

Finally we made it to Nsialuzu Resource Centre (Blind school) in Ntcheu

Today we are visiting Ntcheu district, in particular Nsialudzu resource centre where there are 37 children with Low Vision/Blind.I am here to familiarise myself with the place as thanks to Lions of Netherlands I will be visiting this place often.

Our objectives are twofold : To donate mattresses, mosquito nets and books that Blantyre Institute for community OphthalmologyBICO  solicited through well wishers such as Dr Vicki Mak  from New Zealand, Insia from UK,  Robray mattres in Blantyre and Lions Club of Limbe ; and secondly: to assess the condition of children in the school for the blind(resource centre). Of course the main contributor was for this trip Vicki Mak.

There are 37 blind/low vision children here and their condition is pathetic as most of them had had never had an eye examination. We are here to assess their condition and see what best can be done to improve their learning. And we have found a 11 year old boy with bilateral cataract in school registered as blind (because he is) and yet he could have come to the eye unit in Blantyre and be operated on ; and could see properly. Imagine in 2012 ; waiting for 11 years before you can go to a hospital to be helped with a condition that once is born with. Very sad indeed . But this boy will now be referred to hospital where hopefully he will regain his sight. I wonder how many more there are out there?

A full report will come on the Blantyre Institute for community OphthalmologyBICO website and there will be a video that has captured the whole event.

Together we can do more.

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