Monday, 7 November 2011

What a wonderful donation to BICO

Someone just made my day today.

Would you believe that in 2011 there are still people out there who are concerned with helping the less privileged blind and visually impaired children?

Insia , a UK resident and a grandmother knows how it is to raise two normal children into adulthood. She recalls how she faced many hardships at different times in life (including being told she would be made redundant) but managed to persevere in life. This is why despite not having lived in Africa where many blind and visually impaired cataract children are unfortunate not to attend sight restoration surgery; she clearly understands the difficulties that parents of blind and visual impaired children face. This is why she decided that she was going to be supporting Blantyre Institute for community Ophthalmology BICO in Malawi in creating community solutions that will ensure that blind and visual impaired children access sight restoration surgery at an earlier stage.

Insia has and will never be rich in cash, but she is very rich in spirit that she gives even a small portion of what most people would consider to be entirely for themselves. Most of us are busy trying to enrich ourselves and take advantage of the many unfortunate.

With Insia’s contribution to BICO, a visually impaired child from a poor family in Jali in Zomba who is struggling to read the blackboard will have a pair of glasses provided by BICO, and have much clearer vision that will make their education easier.Did you know that every Albino child needs glasses to protect them from the sun and yet hardly any in Malawi wear glasses?

Indeed we can make this world a better world. Insia has just made it for someone.

With as little as £20, a secondary school child in Malawi will have a chance to have a nice pair of designer glasses and to see the board clearly for the first time in their life.

Are you impressed?

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