Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mzimba Secondary school alumni memories

Twenty seven years ago(1984) I was selected from St Peters primary school in Mzuzu to join mzimba secondary school as a form 1 student. Little did I know what that meant and what the future had for me. I arrive at the school and I am welcomed by my cousin (late Billy Nyirenda) and I am told I will be sleeping at Nyika Hostel BOX 1.At night, unknown men come to tease(bit and mock us) and at 3 am we are awakening to clean up the toilets. Crying every day for a year.
Later in 1988 I finish form 4 (high school) and I am selected to go to chancellor college University of Malawi . A few years later I am studying in Adelaide Australia , then college of medicine Blantyre, Univeristy of Nairobi, University of London and finally University of London.
This weekend (26th March 2011)I will be going back to Mzimba secondary school with other students who have passed through that school to refresh memories dating back to almost 3 decades and give a career talk to the students that are currently there. My wife and two sisters all also passed though the same school and so we will be going as a family.
Well I want to stop blogging but with life changing results as this one who would not want to talk about it.
A big thank you to all my teachers at Mzimba. Here I am as a community eye doctor in rural Malawi, yet when I left Mzimba I thought I would never be affiliated with the community (regarded as remote) again.
I have recalled my earlier pictures at Mzimba taken in 1986. I can’t even tell which one is me.Contrast with first picture -how i look now in a suit and glasses.Those were the good old days in Mzimba.I wouldnt have made it on my own-the secret is that God has been on my side all the time.i am not sure why i have been prevedged.

Thank you to all the gents and ladies who decided to have an alumni –you’ve made my day.You can check mzimba secondary school alumni association on the facebook .

To find find/lean a bit about my work in Malawi as an Ophthalmologist(Eye Doctor) click here at Blantyre Institute for community Ophthalmology .

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