Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Finally On my way to Malawi

Just finished sending all my stuff to Malawi .I will leaving London tomorrow (for Good) .I am looking to be back in Malawi for a longer time (despite all the problems that we hear about Malawi) .The weather in London has not been that bad during this time. I week from now I will be in Blantyre and will probably have forgotten about the stay in London (Hounslow and the Piccadilly line).On Easter I will be going to see my mum in Ezondweni Mtwalo Mzimba .
While in Malawi I will be in Blantyre at Lions Sight First Eye Hospital known as Blantyre Institute for Community Ophthalmology BICO
BICO will continue doing practical research that can guide Policy.
This means I am also changing my email. From now onwards you should Email me!

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