Sunday, 17 April 2011

Travelled again after a while

We are attending the Trachoma meeting in Geneva Switzerland. A lot of African colleagues are here. From Malawi it’s only two of us.
The weather is nice but honestly I am missing Malawi. This country is too rich for me. Am paying USD 160 per night for a single room. As the saying goes once you are poor, you become poor in mind too. All am thinking is about Nsanje where in Malawi where people live below a dollar a day 8this is bound to change after the famous port opens). Boats on Lake Geneva remind me of the Shire River: can wait when the ships will start sailing. I support development which is good for the country.
We are here for a few more days.
To find find/lean a bit about my other work in Malawi as an Ophthalmologist(Eye Doctor) click here at Blantyre Institute for community Ophthalmology .
No pictures this time.
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George said...

Dr,I have no much words to say but i would just like to appreciate for the good job you are doing to poor patients who are gaining back their vision due to your efforts.
You work tirelessly day and night instead of enjoying the benefits of your qualifications.
may God always give you new ideas so that one day we shall eliminate all the avoidable blindness in Malawi.