Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Snow Snow in London

The weather in UK and the feelings I am experiencing while here reminds me of the president of Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe the life president of Zimbabwe at one point when he was being banned from passing through UK (as part of the sanctions) by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair said this to counteract the ban: Well which African would want to stay in the UK as cold as it is. For once I agree with him .I have been asking myself what I am doing in London being subjected to a whole week of snow? Is this what global warming is all about?

Wish I was in Malawi, where its currently the rainy warm season.

But I have to finish the write up (about blind children and my work in Malawi) even though it’s taking much longer than I anticipated.

Look at the window and the cars .it’s all frozen

Cant wait to get back to Malawi.

Snow! Snow! Snow!

What do you say?

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