Sunday, 15 November 2009

Poor Malawi, My beloved country!!!

I have not been able to blog for the past few weeks due to pressure of work and travelling , and indeed I am overwhelmed with the current assignment I have been undertaking on behalf of Sight Savers International; Malawi office .
We are conducting a blindness survey in the South West Zone of Malawi (Thyolo, Blantyre, Chirazulu, Mwanza, Neno, Chikwawa and Nsanje) and because my teams and I have been staying in the field it has been impossible to have time to sit down and write a blog.
But the recent developments in politics in Malawi and the future implication on technical persons like myself have made me find time to blog while I am here in Thyolo ,the Muhlako was Alomwe headquarters ,and the chosen home of current rulers of my beloved country (the president ,army leaders ,police, immigration , senior lawyers and doctors .
Apart from wishing a colleague from the Muhlako “best wishes” as he has been appointed to be the “Presidents physician” (and he deserves it) and has now moved to State house , I had to bid farewell during the past weeks to the colleagues classmate (my colleague too) who was a senior physician and lecturer in Medicine at the College of medicine ,in Blantyre and has migrated to Canada last week , partly because of the racial comments that are being brought foreward by the big man.
As I sit and examine these poor patients from Ndata farm, Thyolo ,I wish to say that I have never looked at them as being from the East ,West ,South,or Central Malawi , but as Malawians who need services of a community eye specialist. But now I am being told am wrong – I need to have in my mind views of where people come from before I give them a service and if they come from a particular clan or area ,I am entitled to give them a substandard service. Well for the last 14 years as a medical officer, I have never benefited people of my own clan (despite coming from there) and have never looked at it as an issue. Already another senior colleague who is Dean of Medical colleague has indicated that he is planning to migrate from Malawi sooner than later ; and has told me that people do not appreciate my effort and services in the South because I come from a particular area of the country. I do not doubt this anymore since the big man himself has indicated that unless you are from Mhako wa Alomwe clan ,you are unlikely to be promoted or appointed to senior positions in Government . It is not surprising then that despite there being many senior vacancies in Ministry of Health; some of us have not moved an inch for the last 7 years just because we are told we were born of the wrong clan.
So , one of these days when you here that I am no longer in Malawi , do not be surprised as I will just be following what other colleagues from such wrong clans are already doing .After all ,why be patriotic of your country if you are going to be castigated by the same leaders that you vote into power .
My earlier blog indicated that I may be interested in politics in future , but for now since I have realized how dirty politics is ; I am going to stick to helping blind children in the community –and will stay in the Muhlako ; despite the big boss (President) saying that I will not be considered for any promotion because of where I come from .
And if you do not know what has been happening in Malawi recently in terms of politics and nepotism, I refer you to the websites like Nyasa times
Please do not quote any of the items in this blog as “they may result in me and my family being exiled” .
Meanwhile I remain in the Muhlako wa Alomwe area (Thyolo) for a few more weeks while I examine blind people despite being aware of comments people are making about me.
Should the president be interfering with lives of technical people like myself and threatening to kick us out of Malawi?
What do you say?
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