Saturday, 3 October 2009

Time does fly.

Imagine seeing the younger sister that you’ve been sending to school all this time now getting married and the little daughter that has been in the children’s intensive care unit now with a big smile and also going to school. It just shows that time indeed does fly.
I remember it’s not long ago when my sister Alice was asking for pocket money for her upkeep in secondary school ,and also the day she was saying she had been selected to University of Malawi ,the Polytechnic, to pursue a degree in Electronic Engineering and me saying you better work hard because it wasn’t going to be easy in a male dominated profession .Imagine today she is not only a qualified Engineer who is working ,but she is also married (see her wedding photo) .And if you see my daughter Tapiwa in my early blogs and how bad she started her life in the intensive care Unit in Manchester, being born only at 7 months,you wouldn’t believe she is the same girl today.She is our Miracle and Glory be to God the almighty.
Well I have been busy traveling up and down in the communities focusing on finding blind children and helping them ; only to realize that I have missed my daughter growing up –and can't even recall seeing her crawling or starting walking,and didnt take pictures .What a pitty!!!!!. If only she didn’t have such a good mum, what could have become of her with a father who is constantly away from home? God bless the mum (who happens to be my lovely wife).
Today I am in transit, but when I get home will try to spend a whole day with Tapiwa and also visit my young inlaw who has married my sister .Then I am off again for the eye survey in the community.

Maybe I should try to create more time to spend with my family?
But where can I get time from?

Recently I have been advised that I need to go to a rehabilitation centre and be treated for being alcoholic (am told I am a work alcoholic ,but when you are the sufferer ,you don’t know).
Am sure my wife Victoria will agree with the diagnosis when I tell her.

What do you say?

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Anders Branderud said...

Hello Dr. Khumbo Kalua,
Great that you help many by being a good doctor!!

I think that the website will be of interest to you. It contains logical and scientific research about Ribi Yehoshua (the Messiah) from Nazareth and what he taught.

Have a nice weekend! Anders Branderud