Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sarcastic Blogging comments

An unknown blogger has sent me the following comments regarding my blog: Your blogs stinks , and I do not know why you still waist time writing , Infact you need to take lessons to write properly .In addition a lot of what you do (treating blind children)is exactly what you are trained to do as a Doctor in Malawi ,so there is nothing exceptional that you say.

I did not know I was upsetting other people, but I have decided am going not going to comment about their comments, but will let our bloggers say what they think. After all, I have had several other emails telling me of the good work and the hope that the blog brings to them, and these bad comments are the first .God forgive you ,wherever you are if you are the one who wrote the sarcastic words.

Do you think I should indeed shut this blog ?
Or do you just want to comment?

Email me!



acacia said...

surprising that one would take the time to be so negative, its not even constructive criticism. i for one have a personal interest in malawi's public health issues and enjoy reading this honest and thoughtful blog.

Lyndsie said...

Well as choosing a job is still a conscious choice, I think that you are doing something great. Choosing to help people is a very admirable act. I wish there were more people who cared enough about other people and their work w/ other people to share their experiences with the world. I therefore think that you should continue this blog because you are not only helping your patients, but readers in the blog world too. Keep up the good work =)