Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Getting a pair of good glasses in Blantyre, Malawi

Since I have received an enquiry of where one can get a pair of good glasses in Blantyre, Malawi, I have decided I might as well write a blog about it.
There are several places that do sell all sort of glasses in Blantyre (for reading, for distance, for sunlight and a combination of these) and I will briefly mention all of them and give my opinion of what I feel is the difference between these places.

If you are looking for a good pair of any glasses my opinion is that you should check Penya Optical ,a private centre within the Lions Eye hospital at Queen Elizabeth Central hospital (Located at Ginnery corner) and you will get a good deal .There is a full time optometrist who will test your eyes for free within a short period of time , and if you are only looking for a simple pair of reading glasses you will walk out with the pair of glasses the same day for as less as USD 20 .If you need more complex glasses ,they will be ready within two –three weeks. This is the cheapest place in town despite having all sorts of glasses that you will get anywhere. Do not be cheated that the quality of glasses is poor; the quality of these frames and glasses is as good as you will get anywhere in UK, but at less than half of the prize.

If you do not want to go to Penya , there are several options : Prosight Optical at Mwaiwathu Private hospital and Eyecare centre located along Henderson Street ,both manned by private ophthalmologists will give you glasses but you have to pay for consultation fees to have your eyes tested and the prize of glasses will be slightly higher .You also have to book an appointment to be seen.

You can walk in at AC Opticals (located in Town at Henderson street and the other one at Shoprite, Ginnery corner), a private optical workshop manned by a private Optometrists but you must be prepared to cough in a fortune for a pair of glasses. Much as the centre claims to use a computer to test your sight /Vision (you tell me where the computer can do that!!!) and to have the latest designer glasses, you will be able to get the same ones of you ask at Penya but the prize will be much cheaper.A new place called Blantyre eye clinic has opened near TNM building Headqurters in town so you may check this one.

Mind you not many Malawians need to wear glasses (only 1 per 100 population needs a pair of glasses), unless you are above 45, then probably you need a pair of reading glasses.
Hopefully I have been of some help to you (but I don’t sell or keep glasses, and do not have a private clinic so don’t ask for a pair from me).

Do you want to get a pair of glasses from Lilongwe, Zomba or Mzuzu?

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