Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Early winter: Its very cold in London

Well I woke up at night freezing wondering what was going on; the heater was still on but I was feeling very cold. I looked at the window bit all I could see was the vehicles parked on the street covered with snow. But why snow on the 28th October; I wondered!! I thought winter has not yet started; we just changed the clocks on Sunday (3 days ago) .
In the morning it was obvious the winter had started, the temperature was only 2 degrees. The newspaper reported this is the first winter in October since 1934.
As I sat on the train to work I was wondering why I was here this time; I should have been back in Malawi where the temperatures are very warm ;This is the 5th consecutive winter I am spending time in the UK,not fair.
I can’t wait to get back to Malawi and continue with my Eye community work.
I will go and look for winter clothing tomorrow.

How is the weather where you are ?
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