Wednesday, 29 October 2008

World AIDS day 2008: Shopping day in London

Remember 1st December is Worlds AIDS day dedicated to all those who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS. And this year the day falls on Monday .As for London Oxford Street this is one of the busiest day for people shoppingas this is the first day when the new cheaper VAT tax rates will be put in place.Well ,due to the global recession and crdit card crisis the British prime minister has lowered VAT from 17% to 15% so things will be much cheaper starting today.
As a result I do not expect to see the red ribbons symbolising the AIDS day; and no one cares about what the day means.After all AIDS is still mainly an African problem,as is hunger and poverty.
I normally take time to reflect on this day, and remember the many relatives I have lost to HIV/AIDS among them my only uncle, my brother, and many cousins. I also remember a colleague doctor and classmate we lost a few years ago while I was still a junior Dr . Recently in Malawi we are seeing more and more of eye diseases that are HIV related and I can for see that in the next few years the focus of eye doctors like me will be on HIV related eye diseases. I am not looking forward to abandoning my community work especially working with children.
Last year I went to the centre of London town to take some pictures; but this year due to the bad weather I am not sure what I will do ,maybe call family in Malawi and cheer them up .I am home seek and the weather depresses me more; and not only me but everyone in London suffers some form of depression due to the weather.

Unfortunately “AIDS” is here to stay.God help us!!!

Have you lost someone you know to HIV/AIDS?

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