Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy Days in 2012 ????

Yes I did make it to 2012.

Two years ago I blogged about some of us barely making it into the other year. I felt like this when 1st January 2012 came in, because 2011 had its own challenges. For once all the plans (some call resolutions) that I had for 2011 were not fulfilled, and that made me disappointed: But sooner than later I realized it was because I had not asked God to plan with me. I planned and then just assumed GOD would help me fulfill them In scientific terms I could say I forgot that all plans have assumptions, and unless those are fulfilled the rest is history. In Christian terms we would like to ask God to reveal what he intends to do with us in the coming here, and try to go that path.

So here I am in 2012, with unfulfilled plans from 2011. I have presented them to GOD and asked to help me become a better and realistic planner.

Believe me the global economic crisis is hitting some of us harder. I did not manage to get a single project or research grant in 2011; and i had to lay off 3 of my already trained research assistants.

This is one of the hardest things I ever imagined Blantyre Institute for Community OphthalmologyBICO would be facing.

This also means less work for blind children i n rural communities in Malawi and less screening for for blind children in schools that are dificulty to reach. Community Ophthalmology collapsing in Malawi in 2012, give me a break!!!!! Unfortunately I do not give up easily.

So when 2012 came in I said to myself this is another year of challenges one, but I will try to turn those challenges into opportunities (easier said than done).

Enjoy 2012.

What are your plans?

Any comment?

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