Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ophthalmology in Malawi

It is harder to talk about ophthalmology in malawi and omit Dr Chirambo's name.but the fact is that he is gone and has left us with very high expectations.Chirambo groomed the 3 of us into different subspecialisation areas of ophthalmogy;myself now a public health ophthalmologist,my boss a paediatric ophthalmologist and the pastor,now a vitreoretinal surgeon.we have also increased the number of general ophthalmologist to 5.the fact is that Chirambo paved the way for us,and we have to follow his footsteps.i used to wonder why he used to be in the office by 7.00am everymorning,but now i am doing the same thing.its called responsibilty

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mgt said...

A Dokotala,
I like the last sentence in your profile. My mother can easily see now. My mother-in-law can easily see now. My brother can easily see now. The list goes on. I cannot thank you enough. Working environment in Malawi may not be up to standard but what you do can best be described as miracles.