Friday, 17 September 2010

Malawian Doctors reluctant to go for Post graduate specialization studies in Ophthalmology at College of Medicine?.

I recently had a chart with some doctors who graduated recently from College of Medicine ,University of Malawi and they indicated that it is us the old doctors who are suppressing them from progressing with the careers in that we do not fight much for them and demand that they go for more specialized studies .They think having got a first medical degree they should be driving porch cars and leaving in low density areas with swimming pool, blah , blah , blah. I still do not have either of the two .
Having completed the first medical degree, most graduates expect things to be put on a silver platter from then onwards but this is rarer the case .Ask them about doing postgraduate studies to specialize in Ophthalmology , and they are not interested .
Post graduate studies these days are a must in the medical field if one wants to make a successfully career.
For example for the last 8 years I have been busy conducting community eye programmes, but none of the young doctors have approach me to know about the career and the benefits and no one is interested in following my footsteps . So why should be they saying we are suppressing them when we do not have anyone to handle the responsibilities to. I have no intention of going on for the 3rd term in community Ophthalmology but circumstances will force me to do so. BY now another Malawian doctor should have been graduating yet there is one in training ? I have two scholarships in Ophthalmology with me yet no candidate is coming forward .Is is because they see me driving a debilitated 3rd hand used motor vehicle and staying in substandard high density Baluti Area in Blantyre ? I am tempted to this so .Well I still love my car .
All in all Ophthalmology is not marketable in Malawi (but also in most parts of Africa) because young doctors believe it does not pay well as a career. Much as financial incentives are important , many other non monetory incentives can lead to job satisfaction in Ophthalmology.
It takes four years to train as an ophthalmologist at College of Medicine in Malawi once you have qualified as a general doctor , and most doctors feel this is too long But its not!
Having been at University for almost 2 decades as a student (I was in 1st year University in 1988, but now I am in final year Research PhD after having done 4 years of Ophthalmology then Masters in public health ) I do not regret any bit of it .I had a successful academic progress and my research career is just starting now.
Well for those who want to do any more studies, four years isn’t too long .Ask me how I managed and I will share the tricks .
If you dont join us , we will remain in power.
Know any Malawian doctor who may be interested in ophthalmology?
What do you say?
Email me!

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