Monday, 9 August 2010

Eye specialists and Politics do not go together. We are here for the Blind

Welcome back Prof though you are still an honourable MP:

After a few months of being minister of Health ,I am told the Professor(Prof Chirambo, the eye specialist has been dropped by the other profffesor (our President)but Prof remains a member of parliament.Well some of us knew that African politics and too many brains in one place do not go together ,so it’s not strange that people like him do not last (speculate why).

I am proposing him to be VISION2020 ambassadordor to share success stories of VISION2020 activities in Malawi, and myself to be the deputy ambassodor (since he is sitting in the middle in the pcture and myself on one end).

Should such a genius have joined politics in the first place? What do you think?

Despite nepotism , i will contune ensuring that Malawian including ones from Thyolo have access to good quality eye care .

Email me!
if you have a problem with being non partisan in service delivery.

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