Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December 1 depressing AIDS DAY

Another World AIDS day is here.
Unfortunately this year am unable to blog about it .
I am overwhelmed with the amount of relatives I have lost to AIDS in Malawi this year .
Moreover , I am saddened by the news that my fellow Malawians have started ABUSING the life saving ARV drugs .Some of them are using them for brewing local brewery ; while the others are using ARV's in chicken feeds so that their chickens lay extra large eggs which will fetch more money when sold. The society we are in is unbelievably corrupt .I lost an Uncle when ARV's were not available and have lost several brothers and sisters since the ARV's have been around. I know several relatives who are currently on them now.
Well , I have been asked to wear something RED tomorrow but I am not going to do it because its so depressing to me .Imagine a young working professional lady aged 36 years and living not far away from where we are will be buried tomorrow in her village. She died 2 days ago.
Imagine how many articles on HIV/AIDS we scientists have published since the advent of HIV 28 years ago (1981) ; and the Nobel prizes we have received ; yet we are nowhere near solving the mystery .People are still dying everyday.

But there is a GOD out there ,who knows when and how the enemy will be destroyed.

As for now AIDS/HIV is here to stay .

Rest in peace all those who have been affected .

have you been touched too or you know someone who has ?
do you just want to comment?

What do you say?

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