Sunday, 14 December 2008

Only a few Malawians in London for Lucius Bandas show

London is an expensive city; and if I had a choice I also wouldn’t be staying there. Unfortunately the institution that I ma based at is in London, and I have to spend a substantial amount of my time (and money) there.
One doesn’t meet many Malawians in London (compared to Manchester) and indeed when you are there to save money (and maybe send some home) you wouldn’t want to be staying in London where you pay for a one bedroom apartment for £1000 per month.
Recently (9 November 2008) I attended a concert by the famous Malawian musician Lucius Banda near Kings cross tube station in London , and only about 50 Malawians were there( overall turn up was very poor).Well the charge per head was expensive (£30) and considering that not many Malawians stay there, its not surprising that less than 50 people would attend. To my opinion on the gig was a flop!!!! .Well am posting some pictures of Lucius Banda and the audience for you to see.

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